Kigali Architecture School: Redefining how we see architecture in an African context

In a recent partnership with the up and coming French Architects Patrick Schweitzer et Associés Architectes, Edwin Seda set up a series of photographic essays which capture the new Faculty of Architecture and Environmental Design in Kigali, Rwanda.

“Architecture is created to work with natural light but is never really in control of this aspect, my work on the Kigali school therefore explores light as a medium for spatial transformation, a sort of fourth dimension, which only materialises once buildings and spaces are complete and the seasons begin to change,” explains Seda. “I have been trying to find a sense in architecture that perhaps goes beyond the human touch, the irony being that photography is in itself the epitome of human touch. This is something I have always aspired to dress up, a somewhat self-contradiction too, I guess.”

“The images explore architecture within Kigali as a vulnerable and dramatically resilient concept, persuaded by light and the lens as a third dimension. There is a construction of different narratives, of optimism and an underserving in both good and bad weather, jovial and expressive sadness, busy and leisurely schedules.”

Seda concludes: “The images are therefore constants pursuits of the narrative of light and human experience, explored through internal and external spaces and although sometimes somewhat accidental, the images are purely honest in the way they portray light and space, as this is how we perceive the spaces we walk in.”